[KOAPLAZA Special Event] Lucky winners of the event.

ko-a plaza
2017-07-11 13:48

Lucky winners of the event.


Case 1 (Delivery)
We advise to those who are announced lucky winners of this event to please provide us the informations listed below:
=> Name, E-mail , mobile number, complete address, size of the shoes
*Deadline of submission: July 25th
Our Email Address: koa@ecowise.kr

Case 2 (Visit Expo)
We will be attending an expo on Jul. 28~30 Philippine Business and Entrepreneur’s Expo (PBEX) We will give additional gift to those who sign up for a pre-registration for this event.
To those who wants to visit us on the Expo, please send us your informations to our E-mail: koa@ecowise.kr.
Please provide us your Name, E-mail, mobile number, date of visit to the Expo, size of the shoes

Add inform
1. The water shoes will be given Randomly
(colors may vary depending on the size of the shoes)
2. Deadline of submission will be on Jul. 25th (Tuesday).
If we don’t receive any mail, the prize will be Forfeited.

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